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NSDAP Stabsleiter Arm Badge
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This was a great find!! Nice early rare Political Armbadge for a Staff Leader. Large black diamond with the party insignia that was worn on the upper sleeve. This piece is a black Swastika on a white field encircled by a red ring encircled by a thin bullion silver border on a black wool diamond. Nice!!! This is a large piece as you can see in the pictures and is overall in great condition. This is of the earliest Political officers insignia. The wool backing is mounted on a buckram stiffiner and there are two small cotton pieces hand sewn across the buckram. There is some very minor material loss at the corners but it really does not detract at all!! This is an amazing super rare insignia missing out of most NSDAP cloth collections!! Awesome!!! An example can be seen in wear in Angolia's book Cloth Insignia of the NSDAP and SA on pages 73 & 74.
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