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Early SA Dagger W/ Three Piece Hanger
Item #: 450601W
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Early SA Dagger in great condition. This one was made by Gerbruder Heller Schmalkalden. The Rosewood grip remains chip and crack free and is perfectly fit to the upper and lower crossguards. The SA button and Eagle are also perfectly fit to the grip. All of the fittings are Nickle-Silver and look to have never been cleaned or messed with. The lower crossguard is Group marked He for Hessen. The blade is also in very nice shape but does show the typical runner marks on both sides. There is some light scratching along the back however this blade has not been sharpened. The motto is super crisp and very dark as is the Heller logo on the other side. The scabbard is in great shape having no dings or dents. The anodized finish is very dull and there are only slight traces of the lacquer remaining. It does have a pleasing, even finish. Both of the Nickel-Silver fittings are in great shape with only one tiny depression in the lower ball, it is not crushed. This wonderful piece also comes with it's original three-piece leather hanger. The leather is in very sound condition showing no signs of issue. This is a very nice early, unmarked hanger that looks amazing!! This is a very nice honest example of a hard to find maker. NICE!!!!
Shipping Weight: 1 lb
 $680.00 USD