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Army Pioneer M34 Overseas Cap
Item #: 633402W
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Fantastic example of the Army M34 Cap. This cap is in excellent condition with no wear. Beautiful hand applied two piece insignia looks amazing. Early Grey on Dark Green Eagle with Dark Green Cockade below. Both pieces of insignia are bevo constructed. the inverted Black V Soutache or Russia Braid also looks fantastic. The Black Soutache was designated for the Pioneer Troops. The bottom edge of the Soutache is tucked neatly into the cap on both sides. The field Grey Wool is perfect with no discoloration or holes or issues. Both Air Grommet holes are also perfect with the green enamel still 100% on both. The interior is lined in Grey with all the correct seam joints and liner 3mm off the wool edge. There is a perfect makers stamp for Peter Kupper Wuppertal-Ronsdorf 1940 Dated and a size 57. Excellent cap that you won't upgrade. NICE!!!!!
Shipping Weight: 1 lb
 $575.00 USD