FL 22602 Luftwaffe Cockpit Clock Ju-52
Item #: 539200W
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Beautiful Kienzel Cockpit clock used on the Ju-52. This is a super nice 8-day movement clock in excellent condition. Used in the instrument panel this model FL 22602 (Luftwaffe Code) clock is a very robust piece of equipment. This is a hand set clock with the red arrow used to record time. This one is complete with the aluminum ring that secures it to the console. The glass face is nice but does have a light scratch. The winding mechanism appears to still function properly with no jamming. The face is also excellent with the hand painted numbers still perfect and they still glow!! This is truly a great piece and a must have for the Fallschirmjager collector!!

Shipping Weight: 1 lb
Item # 539200W
 $375.00 USD