Luftwaffe Summer Flight Helmet LKp S101
Item #: 723102W
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Outstanding example of the Luftwaffe Summer Flight Helmet model Lap S101. Made of a heavy brown canvas like material and lined in satin. The The radio contacts are still present in both ear cups cover by a yellowing plastic disc. The ear cups are then padded for the pilots comfort with a woven wool ,material. On the outside the aviaonics are covered in a molded dark brown leather covering on each side. All of the leather and canvas attachment straps are still present and in excellent condition. This helmet also contains the neck pocket for the wires and both of the throat mikes. The long cord in the back of the helmet to attach to the planes radio is also present and in fine condition. The interior tag is complete with all the helmet information and the makers label. This is truly an outstanding example that would be real tough to upgrade. Excellent!!!
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Item # 723102W
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