Black Leather Luger Holster 1938
Item #: 723403W
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Black Leather Luger Holster in fine condition. Nice molded leather Hardshell holster for the Luger P08. The leather overall is in very nice condition with minor areas of crazing. All of the stitching is tight and overall a very sound example. The leather securing strap is complete and also very pliable. The buckle, roller bar well secure to the body of the holster. In the center of the holster there is the letter H lightly carved most likely for the former owner. The back is well marked including the military Waffenampt, BERLIN makers mark and dated 1938. Both of the belt straps are present and one has a stitch missing. This is still firmly held to the body and not coming off. The interior is also very nice and complete with the leather lifting strap and the small tool pouch in the lid. A very nice example that you will be please to have in your collection.
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Item # 723403W
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