101st Airborne Screamin' Eagle Ring
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Earlier this summer an older couple from Florida contacted me from one of the ads I have posted looking for military items. They had told me that the Husband's brother had been in WWII and they had some of his items for sale. They knew that I lived in Virginia but were coming up near my area later that month. We met in early June off of an exit on Route 81 near Harrisonburg, VA. I was greeted by an elderly couple in their late 70's. The Husband brought out a small box that contained several nice pieces of insignia that had belonged to his brother in WWII. The man's brother was in the 101st Airborne during WWII and his family was originally from Philadelphia, PA. I was shown some very nice photographs of him in uniform which were amazing as you could clearly see he was wearing some pretty rare jump pants!! Anyway to make a long story short I purchased the only items they were willing to sell: a White Tongue Eagle, a standard 101st eagle, his overseas cap piped Infantry and these two rings. I truly wish there was more to this and had I gotten his info these rings would not be for sale!!

Ok here is an original PX purchased 101ST Airborne Screaming Eagle Ring. This one looks to be about a size 9. The ring was clearly worn as the highlights have been rubbed away some and the ring itself has a bend. This is a nice heavy piece and although not marked probably sterling silver. The other ring is a small woman's size bras ring with a design in the center made up of tiny holes. This ring looks to be the typical souvenir type pieces that the GI's brought back from Africa and Italy. There is writing on the inside but I am unable to make out what it says. The very cool thing is I was told that the brother wore this small ring on his dog tag chain. The story that I put in my head is he purchased the ring for his Sweetheart and kept it close. I was told that the brother survived the war and passed away in 1992. I wish I had more to tell but that it!!
Amazing pieces of history!!!
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Item # 323504W
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