Cased Iron Cross First Class by Rudolf Souval With Outer Carton
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Cased Iron Cross First Class by Rudolf Souval With Outer Carton and Veteran Provanance. Beautiful, outstanding example of the Cased Iron Cross First Class. This is a true Wartime example with a great look. Textbook Rudolf Souval with minor darkening to the Silver Frames and an excellent black painted finish to the magnetic core. The back Silver is dark with age and this is an unmarked example. The case is also excellent showing only very minor storage wear. The amazing part of this set is the small hand written note that resides under the cross base. It reads: " Dear John Here is a Souvenir "The Iron Cross" I think you would like to keep. Its something that you can say came from Camp Goulette located one mile from Roseheim at the foot hills of the Alps. Its something to remember World War II with Germany. Your Buddy Don."
Just a wonderful piece of history that was acquired right from the Vets family years ago. The cardboard outer carton is in great condition showing very minor wear. There is a small tear at the opening but all is intact. Included in the pictures is an image from The Iron Cross First Class by Dietrich Maerz and George Stimson showing the outer carton. Ultra nice example!!
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Item # 718808W
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